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How to create and manage breakout rooms in Teams
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Pre-assign breakout rooms

  1. Create a new Teams meeting
  2. Go to your Teams calendar and open the meeting invite.
  3. You will need to invite all students that you want in pre-assigned breakout rooms.
    1. To do this it is best to create a repeating Teams meeting for every class so you will only have to invite the students once.
  4. Go to Breakout rooms and select Create rooms.
  5. Choose the number of rooms you want (up to 50) and select Add rooms.
  6. Select Assign participants.
  7. Choose whether you want Teams to evenly assign people to rooms (Automatically) or assign people yourself (Manually).

Create breakout room duringĀ a Teams meeting

  1. Click on the Breakout rooms icon in the top right corner as shown below
  2. Select the number of desired breakout rooms from the dropdown
  3. Then select whether you would like the participants to be randomly assigned or manually assigned.
  4. At this time you can only create breakout rooms from an active Teams meeting.

Manually assign breakout rooms

  1. In the breakout rooms menu there is a button to assign participants, click that
  2. Select all participants you want to move to one breakout room and click assign
  3. Repeat this for all remaining rooms

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